Introducing the TummyLuv subscription box
Tasty low FODMAP food delivered right to your door.

Brighten your daily diet

As a busy person who must strictly follow a low FODMAP diet, I soon became very BORED with my food choices. It was either go through lengthy preparation processes or settle for snack crackers that literally tasted like cardboard.

Enjoy carefully curated food

Tasty low FODMAP snacks and food exist but one comes from Whole Foods, another from a local market and another from an online shop. By the time I go from store to store, my day is shot. Low FODMAP TummyLuv provides all of these goodies in one box. Do more fun things with your time!

Stay excited!

Fortunately, as more people recognize the value of a low FODMAP diet, more choices are becoming available. We will continually gather, test and curate the best in low FODMAP snacks and food items to provide for you in a monthly box of yummy!
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